3rd Spanish Young Statisticians and Operational Researchers Meeting (SYSORM)

Call for Papers

There are two ways for participating in the 3rd SYSORM:

  • Invited talks: a selection of 10 speakers selected by the Scientific Committee that should have received an email with an invitation for contributing.
  • Contributed talks: open for every PhD student or researchers that  finished their PhD less than 3 years ago.

Instructions for authors

  • Every participant is expected to submit an abstract of their talk in English and to give a presentation on their research field to a wide  audience.
  • The abstract has to be submmitted using the Latex template provided.  Instructions on how to prepare it are as follows:
    • Use the file templateSYSORM.tex for submitting your abstract.
    • Add your bibliography as a library_template.bib file.
    • Make sure the style file SYSORM.sty, the image banner.png and the library_template.bib are in the same directory as the .tex file.
    • Follow closely the instructions given as comments on the .tex file.
    • Make sure you fill all the required sections:
      • Title (please do not use Title Case For The Title)
      • Authors and affiliations (please follow the template)
      • Speaker’s bio (use about 5 lines, see the example)
      • Abstract (please be descriptive with your contributions)
      • Keywords (between 1 and 5)
      • Acknowledgments (if any)
      • References (if any)
    • Only ONE PAGE will be allowed. The pdf is automatically trimmed to one page, so make sure all the content, including references, fits on one page. Be aware the last reference may be silently left out if the pdf exceeds one page.

Important dates

  • To be announced.

3rd Spanish Young Statisticians and Operational Researchers Meeting (SYSORM)